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Founded in 2008, To increase efficiency and lower drilling costs, Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards.  


Ranking Bit is a premier provider for rock bits, hole openers, and other drilling tools servicing water well.

We have a flexible production capacity and design capabilities to meet different customer needs.

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Features and Benifits

Multi-Cone Design

Tricone bits are characterized by their three-cone design which helps in drilling through a variety of surfaces, from soft to hard.

Robust Construction

Made of high-quality steel and tungsten carbide inserts, tricone bits can withstand high drilling pressures and are highly durable.

Sealed Journal Bearing

Tricone bits have a sealed journal bearing & compround bearing which is lubricated, reducing friction and improving bit life.

Easy Maintenance

Because of their construction, tricone bits are relatively easy to clean and maintain, reducing the time and cost of bit care.

Lower Total Cost

Tricone bits costs higher compared to other tools, their durability, efficiency, and versatility often result in a lower total cost.

Drilling Accuracy

he multi-cone design helps maintain bit stability, which results in improved drilling accuracy.

Our Services

For all services that you want, we can do our best

Customize Drawing

Free customized drawing for all reamers cutomters It is important to help your project comfirmation.

Material Options

Discuss the material options available for drilling bits and choose the one that best suits your drilling conditions.

Prioritize Quality

Ensure that the manufacturer has robust quality control processes in place. High-quality drill bits are crucial for efficient and safe drilling oprations.

Train Your Team

Ensure your drilling team is well-versed in handling, storing, and maintaining the drilling bits to maximize their performance and longevity.

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  • Working together to save your costs for drilling.
  • Offering professional OEM & ODM for special projects.
  • Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture rock bits.
  • Some regular products are in Stock.

Ranking is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. We call this ‘the RANKING BIT standard’. 

  • For regular products, our delivery time is 1-2 working days at receipt of your payment.
  • For customization products, leading time depends on our production line

Ranking company supports payment through wire transfer and trade assurance by

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Our Happy Clients!

Ranking company makes wonderful rock bits. Been using them in our new project. No disappointment. The 6 3/4”  tricone rock bits let us make 258 meters for water well-drilling still with better cones till now. we prepare to use it for another water well drilling, will feedback soon…

Mohammad Shoaib

From Pakistan

Ranking bits and I, we cooperated with 4 years ago, it is amazing we have together almost 5 years. Thanks Ranking, let our customers can return me all the time. They solved the questions with professional design and services. Good luck for Ranking.


Vijay Kumar

From Saudi

We have our own drilling company, we are using and selling rock bits all the time. It is a lucky that we met Ranking 5 years ago. Amanda and Mr Dou had visited our company to help us solve the questions for customers, thank you so much.


Thomas Jacob

From Oman

Our Advantages

Here is why old customers come back


Quality First, Service Before

We insist on the principle of “Quality First, Service Before”, Strict Observation of Contracts and Return the Society”. Fast Delivery, Fast Response within 6 hours.


OEM&ODM Factory

We are your one stop factory for all your tricone rock drilling bit needs. We understand the need to keep costs down for water well drilling companies and we provide the highest quality products at the lowest cost per meter.

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A Grade Tungsten Carbide Teeth

High speed steel and premium tungsten carbide provide a stronger cutting edge and longer lasting tools for the water well drilling industry

Factory Certificated by SGS

Real Factory Based in China, No Middleman

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