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7 Parts, let you know why we are selling rock bits so well?


In the past 5 years, our customer reorder rate has increased year after year, about 47%, and we have regular customers in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Philippines, South Africa, Greece, Serbia, and other countries.

7 Parts, let you know why we are selling rock bits so well?

1. Raw material

Pay attention to the control of raw materials, no refurbishment, second-hand products, no recycled materials, all products are brand new.

The raw material inventory is adequately prepared. Even if the current steel price is rising and the international market and exchange rate are unstable, we will try to maintain the price without much fluctuation.

Our purchasing manager Mr. Dou is Brilliant. He knows the entire raw material supplier very well and is very good at quality control. So using high-quality new raw materials, our tricone’s teeth, body, and oil material are from the same company as Kingdream.

2. Production management

Convenient transportation to the factory and easy delivery

The production line is perfect. 3 production lines, 8 machining centers, 32 processing machines

We have 3 senior engineers, a 12-person design team, and 65 excellent workers with rich production experience. We have strict requirements on product quality and maintain a hygienic production environment.

3. QC

A. QC of raw material

We maintain a good long-term cooperative relationship with our raw material suppliers, and they guarantee to provide us with high-quality products. At the same time, one of their sales managers and three quality inspectors contacted our purchasing managers (who have many years of purchasing experience), and if the quality is not passed, they will be exchanged.

B. QC of Products

Our products need to be approved by 3 senior engineers before they can be tested. First, be used in the domestic market, and then sell to the international market after achieving good results in the domestic market.


4. Package

We upgraded the box in June.

5. Stock

Inventory of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

Fast delivery.


6. Pr-delivery inspection

If possible, I would like to invite you to visit our company in China.
But in the situation of COVID-19, we suggest video inspection. if you don’t need, our 3 senior Engineer and sales, QC manager will do inspection of tools and boxes.

7. After-sales service

We implement one-to-one services, and there will be no shirking of responsibilities.

Quick response and professionalism.

If there is a problem or ask for help, contact us. We will help you solve all problems, our team will support you.


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