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A Perfect Trade with A Chile Client- Trading & Transportation.

  1. A perfect trade with a client – 1/ Trading

Two months ago, I got an inquiry from Chile. We have traded 8 orders so far. These are 3 pieces of all here.

Rock bits

He and I chose UPS for shipping for the first time because the price is cheap. But after receiving, he felt that UPS’s service was not good and the cost was high, which did not meet his expectations.


After several days of discussion, we chose FedEx. The price was low and the time was short. We sent 7 shipments using FedEx.


He just told me that we will try DHL next time. He knows that DHL is more expensive, but he thinks that DHL has better service and shorter shipping time. I understand his decision, respect his choice, and support his work.

He still needed me to find him a customs clearance company, and I found it. We are discussing some details now.

Till now, the customers have given us 11 orders…

 ……To be continued

2. A Perfect Trade with A Chile Client – 2 / Transportation

Last time, I wrote that one of my Chilean customers – Marcel wanted to try DHL shipping. Yes, we tried twice and there were some minor problems.
1, Shipment in batches-3 divided into 2 shipments to him
2, The Delivery staff cut off the straps on the box (we installed the straps for easy handling)
Fortunately, we found the reason and the solution
Partial shipment is normal for DHL
We can tell DHL not to cut the straps
very lucky

At the same time, I want to share some suggestions about transportation

A. By Express
1, The express delivery we often use is FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, SF
2, I can’t say which one is good or bad, we suggest choosing the right one according to the actual situation
3, We recommend that the weight of the goods transported by express is generally lighter than 100kg. There are exceptions. I transported a 126kg order to the United States through SF Express last month. So, according to the actual situation.

B. By Air

     1, Air cargo weight is usually required to be greater than 100kg.

     2, Air transport generally arrives at the airport of the destination port, you need to go through customs clearance procedures yourself or your customs clearance agent, and then transport to your company.

     3, If you don’t want to clear the customs by yourself, we can find an agent to help you clear the customs, or air dispatch-transport by plane to the destination airport, and then transport by express.


C. By sea

     1, Our products can be transported by sea, no matter heavy or light

     2, The price is lower than express and air freight

     3, Sea shipping is the longest of time transportation, but cheap

Packing video:

Now, because of COVID-19, there have been some unavoidable problems:

1, The prices of various modes of transportation have risen.

2, Many air flights have been canceled.

3, Cargo ship could not enter the port and was delayed.

We suggest that you order early to avoid further increases in freight, reduce the impact of slow transportation on the project, and seize the opportunity-other distributors are running out of inventory, and you still have inventory.

Welcome to contact us, we will provide you with solutions at any time.


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