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About Rock Bit Delivery Process


Ranking company has always been adhering to the customer-first service concept. In order to better solve problems for customers, the timeliness of delivery has been highly praised. Let’s take a look at the delivery process at Ranking Bit today.

1. Ready to produce

After the customer places an order, we will contact the factory as soon as possible for product production.

2. Inspection

When the drill bit production is completed, we will conduct a quality inspection on it. After we inspect and send photos and video to our customers for confirming.

3. Pack rock bits.

After all the details have been confirmed with the customer, the next step is to start packing the drill bit to avoid problems during transportation.

4. Transport the bits to delivery port.

We deliver goods in strict accordance with the delivery process and the company’s relevant rules and regulations, so that the goods sent must be consistent with the delivery list, and the goods will be shipped within the specified time, and no errors are allowed. Achieve timely communication with all relevant units and personnel, information sharing, keep abreast of the entire delivery process, promptly respond to various emergencies and plan changes during the delivery process, ensure the delivery time, and send it out on schedule.

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