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2021 is a year full of difficulties. Due to COVID-19, some of our customers have no way to continue the project, but the industry began to recover in the second quarter of 2021, and our Ranking also ushered in the peak sales season. The following is our highest sales in each quarter. Good four products:


Due to the increasing number of orders recently and the gradual decrease of inventory in the warehouse, our staff are also working overtime to produce drill bits to ensure the delivery date agreed upon with our customers.

Combining our sales in the first three quarters to analyze, 8 1/2 “IADC537 and 12 1/4” IADC537 Tricone drill bit, every quarter will have old customers return orders and a large number of orders, these two products make us now hot sell products.

Now our two products have been produced by the staff overtime. There are still some stocks. Our prices are very low, and the quality is also guaranteed. Every drill will undergo a QC quality inspection for 1 to 2 days after production. , To ensure the satisfaction of customers.

The two drill bits recommended above are our most popular sales in the first three quarters. They have gained the trust of our customers and received good feedback. If you are hesitant to choose what kind of drill bit, you may wish to contact us and we will recommend it for you. The suitable drill bits for you.


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