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Choose the Most Suitable HOLE OPENER


A customer in the Middle East ordered hole opener before, but the feedback was not very effective. Therefore, we have a detailed investigation and understanding of the customer’s project and found that the customer is a trenchless project, and the main drilling stratum is a relatively hard abrasive stratum, but the Hole Opener ordered are all long teeth, this type of tooth-shaped IADC coded teeth Wheel bits are not suitable for customers

So I discussed with the customer, in order to improve the customer’s work efficiency and save the cost, let the customer change the tooth profile of the roller bit and choose an IADC737 rubber sealed bearing that is more suitable for hard formations. Fortunately, the customer followed our advice and tried a few of them, and found that the drilling effect would be better than before.

And afterward, we improved the details of the hole opener for customers. For horizontal directional drilling customers, the body wear of the drill bit was more serious, and we added more alloys to the back of the palm.

After the trial, the customer found that the efficiency of the actual work was at least 30% higher than before, and the customer was very happy.

besides that, for vertical drilling projects, some customers prefer bigger size tricone bits such as 28inch and 32inch, actually, we advise using hole openers instead. Can save cost, also have the same drilling effect, why not have a try?

For the choice of different engineering drill bits and reamers, trust us, Ranking is professional and reliable.


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