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Types of Drag bit

Ranking is hole 0pener manufacturer that offers four types of Drag bit. Our Drag bit factory in China produces 76mm Drag bit for low-pressure applications. Ranking is also a supplier of PDC Drag bit and Chevron-Type Drag Bit.

step type drag bit

Step-Type Drag Bit

red drag bit

Step Drag Bit

pdc drag (1) (1)

PDC Drag Bit

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Four-Wing Drag Bit

14 inch drag bits

Core Drag Bit


What is Step Drag Bit ?

Step drag bits are the most common used drag bit in the world today.

They are designed to drill in soft to medium formations. Most common areas of use are sand, clay and some soft rock. Step-type drag bit is using for drilling water wells, mining, geothermal, environmental & exploration drilling. And we also produce the regular and heavy Step Bits, Three-Wing and Four-Wing drag bit.

step type drag bit

What is Step Drag Bit Design Features ?

  • Ranking bit supplys a full size range of step drag bits
  • a solid one-piece heat treated, 4145 alloy steel body for bit strength & durability.
  • hardness rated 24-28 Rockwell.
  • 3/16 Tungsten carbide profile cutting edges.
    Ultra high-strength brazing to ensure bit toughness.
  • all large step bits are available from 3½ API Reg to 6⅝ API Reg.
  • CNC threaded machining for proper installation & use.

How Does Drag Bit Work?

Please check the video to learn how drag bit works. And please leave your message and to discuss with us how to improve the work life of the all type of drag bits. We also do customize drag bit for 3inch to 20inch to satisfy all customers rquirements. Thank you for your reading.

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