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The DTH bits are designed that apply to use in soft, medium up to hard rocks during drilling operations in consolidated ground conditions. The front face grove of DTH bits provides excellent cutting removal while the concave centers offer optimal hole straightness and it is the most common bit shape. It is made from tungsten carbide, high manganese steel, etc.

DHD/COP Series DTH Bits

The DHD Series DTH Bits are available in convex face bits or customized depending on the customer’s requirements. This one offers stable drilling and high penetrations rates.

Mission Series DTH Bits

The high-speed Mission Series DTH Bits are made using forging processing types. These are designs applicable for ore mining, water well drilling, and more.

SD Series DTH Bits

Our hard rock SD Series DTH Bits offers fasting drilling speed, lower air consumption, lower oil consumption, more efficient energy transfer and many more.

QL Series DTH Bits

We manufactured QL Series DTH Bits that are available in yellow, blue, black, and even customized colors.  It has a hole of 60mm to 305mm.

CIR Series DTH Bits

Ranking provides CIR Series DTH Bits made from high manganese steel, tungsten carbide and another type of materials.  It is widely used for construction works, mining, etc.

Customed DTH Bit

We also offer customed DTH bits for your needs. Our DTH hammer bit is made from carbon steel which is very useful in rock quarrying applications.

What Are DTH Bit Used For?

Our made are widely used for different applications such as:

    • Water well drilling
    • Geothermal drilling
    • Micropiles
    • Blasting
    • Open pit and underground tunnel
    • Mining field
    • Ore mining
    • Coal mining and more.

How does the DTH Bit work?

In DTH drilling, the percussion mechanism – commonly called the hammer – is located directly above the drill bit. The drill pipes transmit the necessary feed force and rotation to the hammer and the bit, along with the fluid (air, water or drilling mud) used to actuate the hammer and flush the cuttings.

DTH Bit Features

Ranking DTH bits offer different features. Below are some of these:

  • Lower air consumptions
  • More efficient energy transfer
  • Faster drilling speed
  • Lower oil consumptions
  • Easy to main and easy to disassemble
  • Has a simple design of the piston
  • Offers high performance
  • Rust resistant
  • Simple structures with fewer internal parts and more.

Shapes and Face of DTH Bits

Button Shapes

The DTH Bits are available in different bottom shapes such as:

  • Domed/Round Button
  • Parabolic/Semi-BallisticButton
  • Ballistic Button
  • Sharp Button
  • Flat Button

DTH Bit Face

Our DTH bits are available in different faces including:

  • Center drop
  • Flat face
  • Convex shapes
  • Concave shapes
  • Double gauge face bits

DTH Bits Advantages

Superior Quality

The DTH bits are made from superior quality alloy which offers hardness and wears resistance. All alloy materials are supplied by a national special steel manufacturer.

Long Lasting

Our DTH bits are heat treated to provide longer service life and avoid failure during operations. It is resistant to different environmental elements.

High Efficiency

During operation, our DTH bits are more efficient to transfer energy and provide faster-drilling speed and 30% faster penetrations.


Even our DTH bits are made from superior quality alloy, we assure that it deliver to you at a competitive price to meet your specific needs.

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