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Ranking offers DTH hammer in various sizes. Our advanced and efficient DTH hammer can take your drilling to the next level.

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DTH hammer desiged by international advanced high-tech theory, which make the hammer has better engergy transduction, faster working speed and less air comsuption.We use best raw material with advanced production process make the hammershave much stable working performance, long life and easier to use, to assemble and to repair.

DHD Series DHT Hammer

QL Series DTH Hammer

SD Series DTH Hammer

Mission Series DTH Hammer

CIR Series DTH Hammer

Reverse Circulation DTH Hammer

Back Hammer

What is DTH Hammer?

DTH Hammer has a wide range of use in all kinds of hard and abrasive rocks,follwing features:

    • New products designed based on mining condition, improved by advanced technology
    • International High-Standerd materials with advanced proces quaranteed quality.
    • Faster drilling rate.
    • Enhaced hardnes to expand the life of hammer, and lower the using cost.
    • Low consumption of electricity with big impact force.
    • Good transmission of power.
    • The modern theory is adopted in the structural design, which makes the stresswave duration longer, the stress amplitudeis lower, and the piston life is long.

Applications of DTH Hammer

  • DTH hammers are used for blast hole drilling and blasting, mainly applied in Mining. Marble quarry or well drilling and other construction projects.

Features of DTH Hammer

  • Valveless air distribution.More reliable.
  • Simple design of the piston.long life span.
  • More effcient energy transfer,faster drilling speed,lower air consumption and lower oil consumption.
  • Fewer intemal parts,simple structure,long life span,essfailure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat trated.
  • Easy to disassemble because the top sub,the drive chuckand the extemal cyinder are connected by muitiple stepsthread.

Feedback from cooperative users

DTH Hammer Assembly Process

Retainer Ring

Drive Chuck


Inner Cylinder

O Ring&Check Valve

Top Sub

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Why Choose DTH Hammer?

Deep Drilling Capability

DTH Hammer is particularly effective in deep-hole applications, allowing for precise and reliable drilling at significant depths.

Low Deviation

The straightness and accuracy of DTH hammer drilling ensure minimal deviation, making it suitable for projects where precision is critical.


DTH hammer can handle all types of rock, from soft rock to extremely hard formations, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of geological conditions.

Reduced Hole Deviation

The guidance provided by the drilling rod directly attached to the bit minimizes hole deviation during the drilling process.

Underwater Drilling

To drill holes in the water, the DTH hammer contains a check valve device.

High Precision

For deep hole drilling projects where straightness and accuracy are critical, the DTH hammer is the best choice.

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  • Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture DTH Hammer.
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