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GOOD NEWS – Ranking has exceeded sales plan for the first half of 2021

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At the beginning of July, the statistics department had just completed the sales statistics for the year’s first half. Compared with the established plan, it exceeded the schedule by 23%.

During the Covid, Ranking can achieve such results, it is based on the efforts of each employee of Ranking Bit. Also based on our all customers’ support.

  1. Thanks for Ranking founder Mr. Dou
ranking reamer
Mr Dou with our colleagues

Ranking already has over 13 years producing experience, but before that, Mr. Dou was already at drilling field over 28 years, has rich experience at well drilling and trenchless drilling field.

A. Now Ranking already have 8 sets huge CNC machine, 3 producing lines, 32 sets lathe, including 20 sets roughing lathe and 12 sets finish turning lathe

B. The factory currently has 62 workers, including a research and development team composed of three senior engineers and 12 intermediate engineers. Ensure the normal operation of the production line.

C. Under Covid-19, At beginning of 2021, Mr. Dou Made a decisive decision, he purchased enough raw steel for one year, and currently there are a large number of semi-finished products with short delivery time. because of this, we can maintain stable prices for our customers.

2. Thanks to all employers’ support

Supply one to one service and guide and 24 hours service

  1. Thanks to every worker for their support and orderly completion of the work for the growth of orders.

2. Guaranteed our customer’s delivery time. Our customer share the pictures they finished the trenchless project.

3. Before shipping, quality inspection department to do product inspections for customers strictly.

3. Most thanks to Ranking customer’s support

Faced with increasing transportation costs in time, customers still support Ranking as always and choose Ranking products. Thank customers for their support… We will never forget our original intention.


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