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In China, there are many traditional festivals, let me introduce to you the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of the Lunar August in China. On this day, families get together from far away to eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon. So people say that this day is a good day of reunion

Have you ever heard the legend of Chang-er?

Hou Yi, Chang-Er’s husband, a great archer and shot down nine of the suns for protecting humans from suffering and destruction caused by the heat of the ten suns. Then the Jade Emperor award him an immortal pill. Chang-Er takes this pill flying to the moon due to someone harming her. Thus Hou Yi always misses Chang-Er and make mooncake for you. Hope he reunion together forever. Chinese delicious food is now spread all over the world. Perhaps you have seen them in your city, but we still sincerely invite you to come to China and share this deliciousness with us.

Ranking company has prepared rich holiday benefits and three-day holidays for all employees. A good job and a good life are the prerequisites for our good customer service.


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