Help a DR Congo customer solve delivery problems


In March 2020, we received an inquiry for drilling tools from DR Congo Kumar. His company is a water well contractor who has been operating for many years.


Kumar wants to buy 4 pieces sub adapter, 3 pieces 15 1/2” IADC537 & 2 pieces 20” IADC637 & 1piece 22” IADC637 tricone bit, and 2 pieces 22” roller cone hole openers from our company, and he has also purchased drill pipe and rigs from other suppliers in China. These must be sent together.

The customer’s order completion time is estimated to be 22 working days, that’s what we agreed on at first, but then he said that his container would be sent from Guangzhou in 15 days, and requested that our goods catch up with this ship, otherwise he won’t know when the next container will be. At that time, many orders were in production, and every day our factory was very busy. It is difficult for the factory to shorten the delivery time according to the customer’s later requirements.

1.How did we solve it?

I explained the customer’s troubles to our production department manager Mr.Dou and applied for auxiliary production for Kumar. Mr.Dou gave full understanding and support, and specially arranged more workers and work overtime to produce Kumar’s urgent order. And transferred semi-finished raw materials from the brother company to speed up the production schedule.

2.Helping customers solve problems is our working philosophy.

Although this has caused more cost to our factory, the customer satisfaction is what we are looking forward to. Finally, this order catches up with the shipping schedule smoothly. We’ve also become a great partner with Kumar. We take every customer’s order seriously.

3.Ensure quality and let customers trust us is our purpose.

From the beginning of production to the completion of production, all have a specialized person to follow up the quality inspection. On-time, quality, quantity, and when the customer is in trouble, we do not stingy to give help. Let every customer feel our good faith.



Hi, I am Amanda, the founder of I've been running a factory in China that makes rock bits for 14 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to Tricone rock bits from a Chinese suppliers' perspective.
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