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Help a European customer Jaskson to understand the knowledge of our produces


Last October., I got a message from Jackson on Facebook.

He is a very successful HDD drilling tool distributor in Europe. He mainly sells barrel reamers, which are used on soft ground and are used on directional boring.

barrel reamer
barrel reamer

When he contacted me, He was planning to increase product types. Our products, tricone bits, PDC bits, roller hole opener, PDC reamer are attracting him.

His trouble was that he is not very know these products well, so I helped him learn the products, understood the usage, serve industry, and how to choose the right tools. I summarized pictures, videos, files to a PowerPoint to help him. He learned very quickly, we have cooperated several times, and we are full of positive attitude towards future cooperation.

The following are the main points we discuss:

1, Classification of tricone bit(roller cone bit)

According to teeth type

        TCI tricone bit

        Steel tricone bit

    According to Sealed type

        Rubber sealed

        Metal sealed


2, Classification of PDC bit

    Matrix body PDC bit

Steel body PDC bit

3, IADC code of tricone

   For Tricone bit, the code has 4 digits

        Frist digit

            1~3 designate steel tooth bits

            4~8 designate tungesten carbide insert bits

        Second digit

            1~4 Represents the crushing capability of the bit

Third digit

            1 – Standard open bearing roller bit

            2 – Standard open bearing bit for air drilling only

            3 – Standard open bearing bit with gauge

            4 – Sealed roller bearing bit

            5 – Sealed roller bearing bit with gauge protection

            6 – Sealed journal bearing bit

            7 – Sealed journal bearing bit with gauge protection

Fourth digit

 A-  Air Application

            Y – Conical Insert

            C – Center Jet

            G – Extra Gage Protection

            J – Jet Deflection

            X – Chisel Insert

            M – Metal sealed

4, Part of roller hole opener




    Center rob

Pulling eye

Roller Hole Opener

5, Part of PDC reamer


    PDC cutter


Pulling eye

pdc hole opener 2 1
pdc hole opener 2 1

6, HDD project animation simulation (PS: check the video by Youtube)

7, What information do we need to know to quote the price of rock reamer(rock hole opener)


Rock type(formation)–Necessary

Thread connection–Necessary

HDD or Vertical drilling–Necessary

Size of roller cone–We can make recommendations

No. of roller cone–We can make recommendations

Pilot hole(stabilizer)–We can make recommendations

Our team attaches great importance to communication with customers. We provide one-to-one service, we can solve the problems for you, not only the products, but also the technical, design drawings, transportation, customs clearance, after-sales service.

If you need any support from us, please contact us, we are at you service.


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