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Founded in 2008, To increase efficiency and lower drilling costs, Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Our hole opener products and services include but are not limited to HDD Hole Openers, TCI Rock Reamer,PDC Hole Opener.

TCI type Hole Opener

The TCI type hole opener consists of three or more TCI gear wheels. It is suitable for the identification of large-diameter open-pit drilling,  pipeline crossing and other activities.

Steel Tooth Hole Opener

The Steel Tooth Hole Opener is suitable for medium-hard to soft limestone, soft to medium-hard clay and shale. This is a reliable option for widening holes in soft and medium materials. 

Repalceable Hole Opener

The replaceable hole opener  is the latest design based on the TCI hole opener. It is fixed on the base with two screws, making it easy to replace TCI tools and saving on-site welding costs and labor costs.

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Operational Considerations for Hole Opener

Hole openers are a device used to enlarge the borehole during a well drilling operation. It can be positioned either above the drill bit or above a pilot run inside the existing borehole.

Numerous designs exist, in sizes varying from 8 inches to above 66 inches. Usages range from Vertical Drilling to Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) & Back Pulling Drilling

What Are TCI Hole Opener Used For?

Also known as rock reamers, hole openers are used to enlarge the existing hole by cutting into the rock. Applications of hole openers include:

  • Trenchless construction of horizontal directional pipes
  • Vertical directional water well reaming
  • Vertical directional geothermal wells
  • Mining reaming projects

How Do TCI Hole Openers Work?

  • The working principle of hole openers is that when the hole opener rotates, the TCI palm cutter also relies on pressure to rotate, so the TCI palm cutter can form a concentric network crushing trajectory when breaking the rock at the working face, during which the rock is squeezed into thin layers of fragments to fall off.

General Hot Selling Products

Hole Openers are manufactured to produce exceptional cuts in the toughest materials. Special teeth on this bit give you extra stable drilling through any rock or dense material like clay, shale, limestone, pre-cast concrete floors and more! The best thing about these specially designed utility tricone bits is that they can be reused numerous times; get them today for your next project!

12inch TCI Hole Openers for HDD drilling

  • Short processing cycle, 3-7 days delivery
  • 4 1/2“ API reg connection & Pulling eye
  • 4pcs 8 1/2″ IADC637 TCI roller cutters
  • Mainly applied in the  formation the methane whose hardness in 100MPA

24inch TCI Rock Reamer for Horizontal Drilling

  • 5pcs 12 1/4″ IADC637 single roller cones
  • 200mm center shaft with Female & Male 6 5/8″ API REG
  • Wider palm back with carbide teeth to protect the roller cones
  • Rotary hollow design to increase large drainage space

19inch Replaceable Hole Opener for Vertical Drilling

  • 7pcs 8 1/2″ IADC537 replaceable roller cutters
  • 175mm center shaft with Female & Male 6 5/8″ API REG
  • Optimized tooth palm weld angle to protect wheels from wearing
  • Hydraulic cutting, smooth sand discharge effectively reduce the accumulation of rock and sand

Why Choose TCI Hole Openers?

Point One

TCI hole openers are ideal for jobs where trenching is not possible, such as pipe installation.

Point Two

TCI Hole Opener can be customized to any size to meet engineering requirements.

Point Three

For vertical directional drilling, the cost of a hole opener is 2-3 times lower than a larger size tricone bit.

Point Four

Good effect of shoring and slag removal, reduce the repeated rock breaking of TCI cutter and improve the reaming speed

Point Five

TCI hole opener is mainly used for reaming hard rock sections, and its effect is better than barrel reamer.

Point Six

For vertical directional drilling, the cost of a hole opener is 2-3 times lower than a larger size tricone bit.

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