How to choose the right tricone bits?


Last year, we helped Alfonso-one of our Mexican customers choose products, help him expand the market, and get very good feedback

Tricone bit is the most common drilling tool, applicable in any formation.

Now, we want to share some details about how to choose right tricone bits?

A. There are 2 types of tricone bits based on teeth type

1, Steel teeth tricone bits (IADC1**, IADC2**, IADC3**)

2, TCI tricone bits (IADC4**, IADC5**, IADC6**, IADC7**, IADC8**)

B. There are 4 types of tricone bits based on bearing type

1, Open bearing (IADC**1);

2, Air bearing (IADC**2, IADC**3);

3, Roller bearing (IADC**4, IADC**5)

4, Journal bearing (IADC**6, IADC**7)

C. Some details:

 1, Soft formation better choose steel tricone bit, e.g mud

 2, Hard formation better choose tci tricone bit, e.g limestone

 3, Open bearings, air bearing, roller bearing are mostly used in mining projects

 4, Roller bearing, journal bearing are mostly used in water well drilling projects

 5, According to compressive strength to choose tricone bit.

PSIIADC codeFormation
More than 40000IADC7**, IADC8**hard silica limestones, quartzite streaks, pyrite ores, hematite ores, magnetite ores, chromium ores, phosphorite ores, and granites
25000~40000IADC5**, IADC6**sandstones with quartz binder, dolomites, quartzite shales, magma and metamorphic coarse-grained rocks
15000~25000IADC4**shales, dolomites, sandstones, clays, salts, and limestones.
8000~15000IADC3**sandstones with quartz binder, hard sandstones, hard quartz shales, magma, and metamorphic rocks.
4000~8000IADC2**marl limestones,gypsum, and hard coals.
0~4000IADC1**clays and sandstones, salts

Here are several types of tricone:


This one is IADC117, suitable for very soft formations, like mud, claystone, etc

537 1

This one is IADC537, top-rated type, chisel teeth, suitable for medium rock, limestone, marble, etc


This one is IADC637, conical teeth, suitable for hard formation, granite, basalt, etc


This one is IADC737, ball teeth, suitable for very hard formation, quartzite, etc

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Hi, I am Amanda, the founder of I've been running a factory in China that makes rock bits for 14 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to Tricone rock bits from a Chinese suppliers' perspective.
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