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How to deal with the Challenge of the Severe Shipping Situation for Ranking Company


According to a CCTV financial report on September 9th, stainless steel was 8,200RMB per ton last year. The price of stainless steel has risen to 14,000RMB this year. The ocean freight has soared 10 times, and the container is still unavailable.

Like we mentioned in the last article,For example, the sea shipping cost from Tianjin port in China to Missouri in the United State, from 90US dollars in the 2019 year plus additional costs per ton to 150 US dollars plus additional cost in 2020 years to 280US dollars plus additional costs at the beginning of the year, until now 410US dollars plus other costs of. This is just for the sea shipping…

In view of the current situation, Ranking proposes the following solutions for you to choose:

  1. Research and develop new products for tricone and reamer, improve bit efficiency, and reduce Shipping costs.

2. Expand transportation channels and cooperate with customers to deliver transportation plans. Ensure efficient problem solving

For example, transport in batches.

  1. If you are in a hurry, you can go by air shipping
  2. If your location is far from the airport, you can choose express. Delivery directly to the door, it is more convenient to receive the tricone bit
  3. For rest, If you are not in a hurry, you can go by sea.

3. The flights affected by the Covid-19 are canceled, and some flights are full. This situation often happens. Ranking has professional and stable forwarder which supply competitive shipping price and confirm products arrived on time. After confirming the order plan, be sure to notify the factory in advance to keep stock and order flights.

We hope the above suggestions can help our customers to save the shipping cost.


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