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Polycrystalline diamond materials, for use in polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits, are one of the most important material advances for oil drilling tools in recent years. Fixed-head bits rotate as one piece and contain no separately moving parts. When fixed-head bits use PDC cutters, they are commonly called PDC bits. Since their first production in 1976, the popularity of bits using PDC cutters has grown steadily, and they are nearly as common as roller-cone bits in many drilling applications.

PDC Bit classification

Matrix PDC Bit

The Matrix PDC Bit is employed in almost all applications, including drilling for geothermal energy, mining, water wells, oil wells, and natural gas.

Steel Body PDC Bits

Steel body PDC bits have the benefit of being easily rebuilt multiple times due to the ease with which worn or damaged cutters can be swapped out. It is 100% high-quality.

PDC Core Bits for Rock Coring

PDC coring bits for rock coring are versatile, have fast penetration rates and have very long operating lives. They work perfectly in drilling from soft to hard rock formations.

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The Advantage of PDC Bit

For coring the medium-hard formation, the PDC  bit features a shallow parabolic profile and a medium cutter density. To improve the ability of rock core drill bits to drill in difficult formations, nozzle alternatives are installed to meet hydraulic needs.

  • Low compressive strength, soft to medium-hard formation interspersed with hard layers.
  • Can be used for mudstone, limestone, and anhydrite, among other forms of rock.

General Hot Selling Products

PDC bits are manufactured to produce exceptional cuts in the toughest materials. Special teeth on this bit give you extra stable drilling through any rock or dense material like clay, shale, limestone, pre-cast concrete floors and more! The best thing about these specially designed utility PDC bits is that they can be reused numerous times; get them today for your next project!

5 7/8" RS1306 PDC Bit

8 1/2" RS1605 PDC Bit

12 1/4" RS1905 PDC Bit

  • Made from high-grade steel
  • Strict screening of materials
  • Thermal stability and impact resistance
  • Conduct non-destructive testing to improve quality.

Our PDC bits are the perfect choice for your drilling needs. Choose different PDC cutters and welding methods according to your ground conditions, with excellent performance and durability.With thermal stability and strong impact resistance,they are ideal for a variety of applications.

Choose Ranking for Your PDC Bits Needs

Provides OEM/ODM

OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcomed for PDC  bits. Depending on the needs of the customer, we provide a variety of variations of our distinctive one-stop PDC  bits solutions.

  • Totally uncharged customization
  • Choosing of materials

Good Quality Control

In addition to providing clients with high-quality products and services, Ranking is committed to thorough quality control.

  • Strict quality monitoring system
  • Specialized testing tool

Complete Production Lines

We are equipped with advanced CNC equipment to manufacture PDC  bits.

  • 3 production lines
  • 32 sets of processing machines
  • 8 sets of CNC machining

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