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   The PDC hole opener is designed specifically for large hole and pilot enlargement applications.They are also great for river and road crossingpurposes. Their body is fabricated of a heat-treated single block of AISI 4145H aloy steelto ensure durablity and maximum strength. The PDC hole opener can resist loads during normal drilling works.

PDC Hole openers are a device used to enlarge the borehole during a well drilling operation. It can be positioned either above the drill bit or above a pilot run inside the existing borehole.

Numerous designs exist, in sizes varying from 8 inches to above 66 inches. Usages range from Vertical Drilling to Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD)

This article provides a guide to PDC hole openers. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each type, applications, and factors to consider when purchasing, as well as the different types of hole openers(rock reamers) on the market. Finally, this guide will help you comparePDC Hole Openers with other types of hole openers.

PDC Hole Openers

one piece PDC Hole Opener

Welded PDC Hole Opener

Free customization(Forward Hole Opener)

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Numerous designs exist, in sizes varying from 8 inches to above 66 inches. Usages range from Vertical Drilling to Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD)

What Are PDC Hole Opener Used For?

Also known as PDC rock reamers, PDC hole openers are used to enlarge the existing PDC hole by cutting into the rock. Applications of hole openers include:

  • Trenchless construction of horizontal directional pipes
  • Vertical directional water well reaming
  • Vertical directional geothermal wells
  • Mining reaming projects

How does the PDC Hole Opener work?

The working principle of PDC hole openers is that when the hole opener rotates, the PDC cutter also relies on pressure to rotate, so the PDC cutter can form a concentric network crushing trajectory when breaking the rock at the working face, during which the rock is squeezed into thin layers of fragments to fall off.

Why Choose PDC Hole Openers?

Point One

PDC hole openers are ideal for jobs where trenching is not possible, such as pipe installation.

Point Two

PDC Hole Opener can be customized to any size to meet engineering requirements.

Point Three

For vertical directional drilling, the cost of a PDC hole opener is 2-3 times lower than a larger size tricone bit.

Point Four

Good effect of shoring and slag removal, reduce the repeated rock breaking of PDC cutter and improve the reaming speed

Point Five

PDC hole opener is mainly used for reaming hard rock sections, and its effect is better than barrel reamer.

Point Six

PDC reamer are designed for the enlargement of pilot holes and large hole applications.

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  • We can guarantee that all our PDC hole opener is fabricated of API specifications and oil & gas industry standards.
  • Standard exprot packaging.
  • Before leaving the factory, the products will go through 3 strict quality tests to ensure that the products issued are free from any defects.

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  • All packages can guarantee safety for delivery.
  • Packaging material is allowed to export
  • Excellent quality packages can use many times

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