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Ranking offers adapter in a wide range of sizes, designs, materials, and other options. To meet your specific requirements, we offer custom adapter.

  • Over 14 years of production experience
  • Certified by the ISO, SGS, & API
  • Offers OEM services
  • Fast response times

These adapters are designed with API threaded connections

Adapters are manufactured in accordance with the API standards. They have high quality, long service life, and offer smooth operation.They are used for connecting the bit with a drill pipe.

For more details about our bit subs, you can leave us a message at any time.

Intended Use

The adapters are used to attach the bits to the following piece in the equipment. They act as a crossover for drilling. Also, they are used to attach a:

  • wiper opener
  • hole opener
  • Ect

In addition, the bit subs are also bored with a float recess in order to accommodate a float valve. They can extend the service life of expensive drill stems or disposable components.

Adapter Materials

In order to hold the entire weight of the drill string or to bear significant torque differentials, the adapter are made from specially chosen alloy steel bars that have undergone heat treatment.

All of our Adapter are manufactured from high-grade, high-quality, and carefully selected materials. We used raw materials that are brand new and not recycled. The raw materials have been strictly inspected and tested for their quality and reliability.

Our Certifications

Ranking is dedicated to providing quality Adapter and services. For that reason, all of our Adapter are manufactured in accordance with the industry and global quality standards. We have obtained certifications such as:

  • ISO 9001
  • SGS
  • API

Your Reliable Adapter Supplier | Ranking

Ranking specializes in manufacturing all kinds of Adapter for over 14 years. Our Adapter come in different types of connections, materials, designs, and sizes. We are manufacturing them in accordance with the API, SGS, and ISO standards. All of our bit subs are also tested and inspected before their delivery to ensure they meet the quality standards.

To complete your specific needs, we can customize the Adapter based on your requirements. We can also customize them with your business or company logo.

If you want to know more about our Adapter and customization services, feel free to contact us!

Why Choose Us

Strict Quality Control

We aim to provide quality services and Adapter. Due to that, we have strict quality control system in our entire production process of bit subs. We have done a complete quality inspection and testing for the:

  • raw materials
  • semi-finished bit subs
  • finished bit subs

OEM Services

Ranking is offering OEM services to help you skyrocket your business. We can customize the packaging box of the adapter with your business or brand logo. You can provide your samples, drawings, or specifications of the adapter you required. We can customize their:

  • sizes, materials, & colors
  • thread types, styles, and other specifications

Rich Experience

Ranking has been manufacturing all types of high-quality adapter and other drill bit accessories. We also have:

  • senior engineers that have over 15 years of experience
  • professional welding engineers that have 12 years of welding experience
  • well-trained workers that have more than 10 years of production experience

Wanna dig deeper for Adapter?

Full items in the catalog, you can leave us your email here and our experienced engineer will contact with you within 24 hours.

Want to know how to compress lead times?

Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. Our experts will give you a reply within 24 hours and help you select the right bits you want.

Phone: + 86 133 3317 4833

Email: sales@rankingbit.com

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