18 inch PDC Hole Opener

Suitable for high compressive strength, with abrasive medium hard formations, such as shale, limestone, anhydrite, sandstone and so on.


  • Our PDC hole opener is made of AISI 4145H fully heat-treated alloy steel.
  • The use of computer software for the overall design of Arc-shaped double row of teeth, long parabolic crown, long straight blades shape structure. Cutting structure design using the forced balance.
  • PDC cutters rational arrangement of different structures in different locations of the PDC hole opener, using high-quality cutting teeth, the maximum increase local equivalent density cutters cutting teeth, improve the resistance and PDC hole opener attack abrasive.
  • The application of fluid dynamics analysis and numerical simulation analysis techniques to the design of the hydraulic flow field, flutes and maximizing waterway area, the larger the volume of over current help improve chip speed drill and anti-balling capacity.

Additional information


18 inch

PDC cutter size


Thread Connection

6 5/8" API Thread

PDC cutter QTY


Making up Torque(Kn.m)



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