24″ IADC737 TCI hole opener/ Rock Reamer

This type of tooth mainly applied in the methane whose hardness is 100MPA-140MPA.


  1. The cone reamer produced by our company has a short processing cycle and can be customized between 220mm-1600mm in diameter according to customer requirements. The suitable tooth profile can be selected according to different terrain.
  2. The wheel body is made of hot-applied anti-wear alloy to reduce wear. The unique anti-off design of the roller cone prevents the roller bearing from falling off and causing accidents in the hole after damage.
  3. Water conservancy cutting, smooth sand discharge, effectively reducing rock and sand accumulation, Perfect welding process prevents the damage to sealing and bearing system because of overbeating.
  4. Fully heat-treated alloy steel, Professional engineers design hole opener for your drilling environment.


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