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How to save costs for customers in transportation solutions

For example, the sea freight from Tianjin Port in China to Missouri in the United States, from 90 US dollars per ton in 2019 years plus additional costs to 150 US dollars plus additional costs in 2020 years to 280 US dollars plus additional costs at the beginning of this year, until now 410 US dollars plus another cost of. This is not only the trouble for customers but also the same for us. We can feel the customers’ concerns about increasing the cost of freight.

Help a DR Congo customer solve delivery problems

In March 2020, we received an inquiry for drilling tools from Congolese Kumar. His company is a water well contractor who has been operating for many years.
Kumar want to buying 3 pieces 15 1/2” tricone bits,2pieces 20”tricone bit,1piece 22”tricone bit and 2piece 22” roller cone hole openers from our company, and he have also purchased drill pipe and rigs from other suppliers in China.These must be sent together.

Rock Reamer Advices to Our European Customer

On June 10th of this year, I remember that a European customer Mario find us and told us that they wanted to use a tricone bit to drill very hard formations. The regular bit was not effective. For drilling, you may usually meet lots of problems Do not worry, tell us, Ranking team can help to supply different solutions at the first time.

Help a European customer Jaskson to understand the knowledge of our produces

Last October., I got a message from Jackson on Facebook. His trouble was that he is not very know these products well, so I helped him learn the products, understood the usage, serve industry, and how to choose the right tools. I summarized pictures, videos, files to a PowerPoint to help him. He learned very quickly, we have cooperated several times, and we are full of positive attitude towards future cooperation.

Some Interesting Things with Our Client- David from Germany

These are some of the interesting things between David and me. The reason why we do this is because we know that our customers and friends work hard every day and work hard for the family.It is necessary for us to save the precious time and energy of our customers, even if we spend a lot of time to do these things.

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