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Shank adapter is designed to transmit power from rock drill piston to extension drill rod and finally to drill bit. When deploying, one side of shank adapter is connected to drill rod, while the other side should be connected with coupling or extension drill. Shank adapter can be deployed for drilling duties in tunneling, construction, mining, quarrying, etc.

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What Are Shank Adapters Used For?

They transmit impact energy from the rock-drill piston and rotation torque into the drill string without energy loss. High quality shank adapters are suitable for most rock drill brands. There are almost 400 different shank adapters.

How does the Shank Adapters work?

Shank adapters are designed to allow larger rotohammers to use smaller bits. These shank adapters pair with various types of rotohammers. The use of these adapters maximizes drill-bit versatility without the need of multiple rotohammers.

Application: Tunnelling, Mining, Quarrying, Blasting and Infrastructure Construction

Shank Adapters Features

Shank Adapter for  Product Advantages

  • High-quality steel

  • Advanced manufacturing technology

  • Strict quality control

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Why Choose Shank Adapters?

Innovative design

Unique corrosion protection on shank adapter.Thread service life significantly increased

Increased productivity

Less wear and breakages on machine parts.Less wear and breakages on machine parts.

Less environmental impact

 It also improves safety and has less environmental impact.

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