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Some Interesting Things with Our Client- David from Germany


I met David at this year’s Spring Festival. A special time for our Chinese People…

I found David’s email when I checked my mailbox. I took it seriously and responded to the email as soon as possible, He didn’t know us very well at the beginning, he just wanted to find a high-quality supplier, He sent emails to many suppliers asking the same question, and received a lot of replies, Only our reply impressed him (this is what he personally told us later), Because he has a lot of questions, I have made key marks where David cares so that he can clearly know our answers, As shown in the figure below:

1.We can produce according to your requirements (API 2 7/8size).
2.It takes 7-10 days for us to process into production.
3.The sea voyage from China to Germany is about 40 days.
4.Regarding PDC products, we can produce pdc bit, pdc drag bit, pdc reamer.

After some exchanges, David expressed his approval for our products. And bought some products.

Speaking of transportation, David was drilling wells. He is very busy. I told him: work first and leave the rest to us,I immediately found five logistics companies to compare prices and transportation time, and selected a few of the best solutions to provide David, Including sea, air, and express, etc.


When David finished his day’s work and was about to discuss this matter with me, he was very depressed, because a day’s drilling had made him very tired, and he had to take time to discuss transportation. When I told him that the transportation plan was ready, he was pleasantly surprised. After confirming that it was correct, he decided to cooperate. So far we have cooperated 3 times.

These are some of the interesting things between David and me. The reason why we do this is because we know that our customers and friends work hard every day and work hard for the family.It is necessary for us to save the precious time and energy of our customers, even if we spend a lot of time to do these things.

What we have to do is to help customers make things easier, as David said: I chose you not only because of your good quality, but also because your service makes me very satisfied. When David said this, I think all our efforts are worthwhile.

This is how David and I went from being unfamiliar to getting acquainted, and I will share more stories with you next. . .


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