Star Drilling tools in the Third Quarter


The overall situation: the factors of the Covid-19 have had a great impact on foreign trade and international transportation, and even caused the interruption of contact with some customers

However, in the middle of 2021 years, the industry has improved a bit, and the market has begun to recover. In this way, Ranking also ushered in the peak sales season. It’s already halfway through October, and the warehouse has been emptied. On October 1st National Day, our workers are also working overtime for customers to produce.


Share the pictures of our Star drilling tools products in the Third Quarter. The most popular ones are our tri-cone bits 5 7/8’’ and 6 1/2” (main products) Just at Third Quarter, we sell 5 7/8’’ tricone bit 351 pieces, 6 1/2’’ 433 pieces.

Size MonthJulyAugustSeptember
5 7/8’’ IADC537121(pieces)98(Pieces)132(Pieces)
6 1/2’’ IADC537166(pieces)121(pieces)146(Pieces)

Main product advantages: mass production, spot, low price, quality assurance (to meet customer requirements for threaded buttons), suitable freight forwarding for selection.

Finally, what are you waiting for? Welcome to order.



Hi, I am Amanda, the founder of I've been running a factory in China that makes rock bits for 14 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to Tricone rock bits from a Chinese suppliers' perspective.
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