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Top 10 Tricone Bit Manufacturers in China

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#01 Kingdream


Kingdream is the National Keystone Hi-tech enterprise and a leading oil and gas drill bit manufacturer in China. Established in 1998,  State Key New & Hi-tech enterprise, State First Grade Enterprise, is the largest in Asia manufacturing base for oil well drilling bits, mining bits, engineering bits and twist bits and one of the top five manufacturers of oil well drilling bits in the world. The main products, including oil well drilling bits and diamond bits, have taken over 60% of the domestic market.

#02 Sichuan Chuanshi

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CSB is one of the domestic largest diamond bit manufacturers in China which specialized in Drilling Bit for 17 years. With customers all around the world, including China, Mid-East, Central Asia and Africa, etc. Rich experiences and professional teams are supported us to consistently produce quality products for customers.

#03 Lilin Machinery Group


Lilin Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a technological company producing petroleum, petro-chemical machinery equipment and tools. It consists of Lilin Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. Lilin Screw Machinery Co., Ltd., and Lilin Bit Co. The Company mainly engaged in the production of downhole motors, tricone bits, hole opener,surface drive head& PC.downhole pump, hydraulic breakout unit, Power Section Dynamometer, etc. and oil、mining drilling industry professional tools and equipment manufacturing. Tianjin Lilin Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company (group of company) of Tianjin Lilin Mechanical Group Co., Ltd.



SHAREATE TOOLS LTD. is a national high-tech enterprise, engaged in cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools. The company has strong scientific and technological innovation capability, has formed a system of independent intellectual property rights, Up to now, Shareate has obtained 42 invention patents and 118 utility model patents.

#05 Ranking Bit


Ranking Bit company was founded in 2008 offering product lines of Tricone bits, PDC bits, Hole Openers, Drag Bits, Roller Cutters, adapter subs. mainly for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Piling, Water well, Geothermal, mining and municipal engineering. We design, manufacture horizontal directional drilling(HDD) hole openers by ourselves, We work with our customers to achieve goals and solve problems.

#06 Feilong Retop


Hejian Feilong Retop Drill Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd., located in Hejian City, Hebei Province, was founded in 1992. After more than 20 years of development, it has formed a set of three-cone bits, PDC bits, trenchless drilling tools, and rotary drilling A comprehensive enterprise integrating the production, research and development, and trade of drilling tools and other engineering equipment.

#07 Cangzhou Great

logo great

GREAT, founded in 2010, specialized in processing research of steel and diamond materials, is involved in the R&D, design, production, and sales of petroleum equipment, No-Dig. have been awarded the API Spec7-1 Certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification Internalized petroleum equipment and Trenchless products manufacturing group.

#08 Ruishi Bits


Hebei Ruishi Bits Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 1990. It is engaged in diamond drill bit and drilling tool research and development, design and manufacture, sales and service of specialized companies. The company is located in Renqiu of Jizhong Plain, which is rich in oil resources. Renqiu is also the location of Huabei Oilfield. The company has a number of experts experienced in diamond bit design of drilling technology, and is equipped with 5-axis machining center, NC lathes, NC sintering furnace, Ring sewing machine and other advanced production equipment.


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MILALION TOOLS CO., LTD. was established in 2009. It mainly designs, develops and produces tri-cone bites for metallurgical mining, various engineering drill bits and picks, and sells mining tri-cone bites and water well cone bits.
The quality and ability have been improved rapidly according to innovating production technology constantly. Meanwhile, NC technology has realized the parametric design of roller bit and roller. And the company also works with some universities and experts to research the structure, sealing and technology of tri-cone rock bit.

#10 Solidkey Petroleum

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Hebei Solidkey Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. locates in Hejian City, a historical city nearby Capital Beijing. Hejian city is one of the locations of the well-known Oilfield Huabei, rich resources and technical supports propelled the establishment and development of SOLIDKEY. Mainly specialize in research and production of rock drilling bits, main products include tricone bits, PDC bits, HDD hole opener, foundation roller cone bits and related tools, application fields includes oil well drilling, gas well drilling, geothermal well drilling, mining, geological survey, hydrographic survey, water well drilling, HDD pipelines installation projects, foundation rock piling projects.


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