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Top 10 Tricone bit Suppliers in Australia


We found that there are some great companies in Australia that can provide high-quality Tricone bit. In addition to producing Tricone bits, their products also include PDC drill bits, hole saws, etc. We have listed the top 10 drilling tool manufacturers in Australia. According to my experience, some of them are excellent in terms of product quality, Below is the information about these companies.

Stealth Tools Pty. Ltd


Although registered since 2011, Stealth Tools Pty. Ltd. officially launched our brand new facility and company identity on July 1st, 2014.

Their goal has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality and state of the art Drilling, Workover and Completion tools in the industry, as well as go above and beyond in all aspects of service and support to our client’s operations.

Their focus remains on the diverse Australian Oilfield, as They have over 13 years experience in this market and understand the harsh drilling conditions, as well as the difficult environments in both climate and logistics involved, to make sure you get your tools with ease, on budget and in an appropriate time frame.

Transco Manufacturing


TRANSCO MFG Manufacture and repair down hole drilling tools for the Raisebore, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Mining and Oilfield Industries,We don’t just sell you tools and say good luck!

They assist in planning; we go to your site, when there are problems we listen and discuss solutions.

From the discussions, mud maps and / or sketches we arrive at tentative solution.

From solutions and ideas we design, engineer and manufacture specialized tooling to suit the customer’s needs! Transco is recognised globally for its products and solutions in the HDD, Mining, Oil, Gas and Industrial service sectors.



Robit is a strongly internationalized growth company servicing global customers and selling drilling consumables for applications in underground and surface mining, construction, geotechnical and well drilling. The company’s offering is divided into three product and application groups: Top Hammer, Down the Hole and Geotechnical.


AMS is a nationally recognised mining and exploration drill supply specialist with an extensive track record spanning more than a decade, providing both expertise and drilling tools to suit virtually any specific drilling project need. Their supply and technical network operates worldwide.

AMS head office is located in Forrestfield, Western Australia, with three strategically located branches servicing the Pilbara, Goldfields, Bowen Basin and Hunter Valley mining operations.



Rocksmith takes immense pride in being part of the Australian Drilling Industry which is considered to be one of the most advanced in the world. Since 1996 Rocksmith has been manufacturing and supplying quality drilling consumables to its clients located both domestically as well as internationally. Our clients have and continue to benefit from our extensive drilling industry experience. We use our knowledge to not only assist our clients in making the right product selection but also offer them tips on increasing their drilling operation profitability. Seeing our clients succeed in their business gives us immense joy.

Tricon services


Tricon services production drilling operations of the open pit drill and blast sector of the mining industry. Their clients are worldwide in countries including Australia, Africa and Asia.

Danv Tools Australia


Danv Tools Australia is an Australian company that is servicing the mine and exploration drilling industry. They specialise in rock drilling tool products that include, but is not limited to, Tricone rotary mining bits and roller cutters.

They are proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader with every decision inspired by Their main mission, which is to save you money through proven results with New products and increased production.

Black Diamond’s Rotary Drilling Tools


Black Diamond Drilling Services Australia P/L known as “BDDRILL” is a privately owned Australian Company which services the Mineral Exploration, Mining, Water well and Geotechnical sectors of the Drilling Industry.

Their Vision is to help our customers create value using world class drilling equipment and tools. Their rock drilling and pneumatic tools are driven by innovation and the latest technology.

Their Perth Warehouse stocks over 2300 items of drilling equipment and we have over 20 remote storage locations. This means we can get you the equipment you need fast. Our aim is to reduce downtime and cost per metre for our customers. Contact us today and see the difference in quality service.

V2 Mining Services


V2 Mining Services is the exclusive distributor of all mining tricone bits for Terelion (formerly branded Varel) in Australia and Papua New Guinea. We supply drilling consumables and technical back-up service to mines, quarries and drilling contractors. Our team has a strong and reliable reputation in the market and the experience to deliver continuous drilling improvement strategies for our customers. They are the largest single distributor worldwide of Terelion Tricone blast hole bits and currently supply in excess 25% of the Australian market. Terelion is the leading manufacturer of blasthole mining bits, and has significant world-wide market share.

Prime Horizontal’s mission


Prime Horizontal’s mission is to develop and provide to its customers new and innovative guidance products and solutions for the steering of their difficult horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects – projects for which conventional technology often proves inadequate. From the very beginning, Prime Horizontal has remained dedicated to this mission, thus developing an international reputation of excellence in both its guidance systems and service.


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