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Top 10 Tricone Bit Suppliers in Russian

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The market is flooded with drill bit manufacturers, and it can be very difficult to find a reputable drill bit manufacturer. Drill bits are expensive, difficult to find, and quality issues will prevent you from finding the right drill.

This article lists the top ten drill bit suppliers found in Russia, so you don’t need to search for it yourself. We have provided relevant information so that you can choose the right product.


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No. 1 in the Russian bit market,or the largest producer of drill bits in the country; 70+ years of experience and practice the use of bits in various geological and climatic conditions; 75+ countries where the plant’s products are supplied;350+ PDC bit designs with diameters from 76.0 to 444.5 mm; 500+ roller cone bit designs diameter from 171.4 to 660.4 mm and other rock cutting tools. To provide partners around the world with a variety of complex rock cutting tools and innovative design solutions-reliable, economical and in line with international standards.

#2 Burgeokomplekt

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The company group “BGK” is one of the largest suppliers. Drilling tools. Since 1998, BGK Group has been committed to providing complex drilling tools for various drilling methods. GC “BGK” supplies drilling tools from a warehouse in Moscow. All drilling tools are strictly meet GOST and technical conditions registered in Russian national standards. Many years of experience, technical warehouse complex and Close cooperation with many companies allows us to ensure that our customers are considerate attitude, high quality and reasonable cost.

#3 Uralburmash-Trade LLC

3 1

Since 2007, Uralburmash-Trade LLC has been providing services to drilling companies and organizations engaged in the following fields: geological exploration, oil and gas production, mining, engineering geology, construction (HDD, micro tunnels, foundation reinforcement, pile layout), water supply, Reclamation, etc. in the following areas:

-Drilling tool components: drill bits sharoshechnogo e, D Olot drilling PDC, HDD tools, drill bits, drilling machines, screws, drill pipes, etc., equipment and spare parts for drilling and mining equipment.

-Select and deliver machines and equipment according to the tasks set by the customer.

-Manufacture auxiliary tools and non-core tools according to customers’ drawings and technical specifications. Manufacturing and maintenance of PDC drill bits

-Complex supplies: pipe parts, valves, fasteners (GOST, OST, TU), fire-fighting equipment, building materials, etc.

#4 DrillSVG

4 1

The focus of DrillSVG’s work is the wholesale and retail sales and manufacturing of various types of drilling equipment.

The company has become one of the largest drilling equipment suppliers in the Russian market; and cooperates with companies from abroad.

DrillSVG is a supplier of roller cone bits of various diameters. There are two types: milling and cemented carbide. They are manufactured by Volgaburmash (Samara), Uralburmash (Sverdlovsk region, Verkhniye Sergi settlement), Sarapul Machinery Manufacturing Plant (Sarapul, Udmurtia). ), Drohobych Manufacturing Chisel Plant (Drohobych, Ukraine), Belgorod Mining Engineering Plant 3JSC, Metal Avtomat Drilling Tool Plant, American-made drill bits (REED, SMITH, etc.), Swedish (ATLAS COPCO) and other companies, as well as “DrillSVG” which produces PDC drill bits by itself, This allows them to manufacture any diameter to order and implement such drills at a low price.

#5 TechTime LLC(DrillMaster)


Production of HDD equipment under the DrillMaster trademark (DrillMaster)

The main purpose of our company is to provide enterprises with a comprehensive supply of drilling equipment, spare parts, tools and other materials.

There are not only DrillMaster products for sale, but also other well-known Russian and foreign manufacturers: Vermeer, Ditch Witch, etc. The delivery of the finished instrument is carried out by our road transportation or transportation company. Pickup is possible.


6 2

BGK Group has developed a new line of SERVIK PDC drill bits. The production process of the products is carried out according to the most modern technology on the equipment of leading companies at home and abroad. When designing the drill bit, 3D modeling based on modern simulation and optimization technology (Impetro DDS) is used to create the best bit design for specific drilling conditions and minimize drilling costs. The robust multi-blade design provides an excellent balance for smooth drilling at high drilling speeds. Therefore, SERVIK bits are very suitable for powerful large drilling rigs and high-speed downhole motors. SERVIK chisels currently have 3, 4, 5 and 6 blades.

#7 CJSC Burovye Tekhnologii


CJSC Burovye Tekhnologii was established in 2012 to provide drilling equipment and tools for mining, exploration and construction companies.As a distributor of Russian machinery manufacturing plants, it can provide a wide range of exploration tools, drilling equipment and auxiliary tools.During the short-term work period, warehouses were established in Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and Neyongri (Yakutia).The company’s experienced staff will help you choose the necessary equipment and answer all your questions.

#8 Dolota.By

8 1

A professional distributor that purchases drill bits from major brands all over the country and drill bits produced locally in Russia, and sells them at low prices, mainly selling tricone bits, PDC bits.

#9 GeoSibir


“GeoSibir” The highest quality drilling equipment. Drill bits and roller cone bits, exploration equipment, drill clamps

The company has been supplying drill bits for oil wells across Russia for more than 5 years! Since 2012, PDC drill bits have been imported from China. Every time we consider reducing delivery costs and time. The main supplier of PDC drill bits in Kemerovo region. On the company’s website, you can find drill bits of all possible diameters to drill to various lengths, as well as the equipment required for drilling.

#10 DrillTools


DrillTools LLC was founded in 2014. DrillTools LLC specializes in the supply of drilling tools for construction and mining companies, as well as organizations producing water drilling. Thanks to our narrow specialization, we delve into the intricacies of the drilling business and speak the same language with our clients.


By choosing top manufacturers of drill bits, you can increase your chances of having high-quality drill bits.  You can also find more drill manufacturers in other countries on our official website.


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