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Top 10 Tricone Drill Bit Suppliers in Africa


The market is flooded with drill bit manufacturers, and it is difficult to find a reputable drill bit manufacturer. Drill bits are expensive, difficult to find, and quality problems can prevent you from finding the right drill bit. This article lists the top ten drill bit suppliers found in Africa, so you don’t need to search for them yourself. We have provided relevant information so that you can choose the right product.

# AF Trading (Pty) Ltd


AF Trading (Pty) Ltd. has become “Prime for Drillers”, as we are known to supply quality rock drilling tools and equipment to the drilling industry of South Africa and neighboring countries.  A list of tools includes DTH Hammers, DTH Bits, Tricone Bits, Odex Hammers & Bits, Drifter Bits, Hole Openers, Drill Rods & Drill Subs, Shank Adaptors, Coupling Sleeves, Steel casings and much more. Our products label advanced technology bent and crafted to meet industrial specifications and desired standards.



Dafrotech is a customer centric provider of premium mining products and services throughout Africa.

Having operated in Africa in various capacities for over twenty years, our team of experts deliver optimal and effective supply chain management and technical services to mine owners and operators to deliver the latest, advanced solutions and products in the shortest time.

Partnering with leading edge, innovative mining equipment supply companies, we specialize in supplying any prospective mining project with the equipment, supplies and services required to ensure that the project stays operational 100% of the time.

# Drilling Project Services


Drilling Project Services have been trading since 1980, supplying quality drilling products throughout Southern Africa. Drilling Project Services are suppliers of mining, oilfield, quarrying and water well drilling products.

We supply all drilling consumables from the drive head of the machine to the bits as well as HPGPS drill guidance and management systems. Our knowledge of the machines, their capacities and optimum operating requirements is exceptional. The Company makes every effort to work closely with each of its customers to ensure their operation is optimized and the operating cost reduced.



POWERBIT ROCKTOOLS has been in the operation since 1996. We are based in South Africa, we have clients all over Africa and we have our factory located in Taiwan, China and Japan. We own a rock drilling tools, steel and rock drilling tools engineering and technology research center. POWERBIT ROCKTOOLS is one of the biggest production bases of the rock drilling steel and rock drilling tools, mainly produce rock drilling tools, rock drilling steel, they are widely used in quarrying, mining, railways, highways, hydroelectric power and other basic energy construction project.

We take pride in supplying the South African market and Africa at large.

It owns the self-operation import and export right. Its products have been exported to Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, Mid-east. East Asia, South Asia more than 20 countries and regions.

# Mincon Group plc


Mincon Group plc is a global engineering business specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and service of rock drilling tools for a variety of applications.

Originally founded in 1977 in Shannon, Ireland, it now has a worldwide presence, with customer service centers and factories across the Americas; Europe and the Middle East; Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

# Best southern drilling supplies (PVT) Ltd


Best southern drilling supplies (PVT) Ltd (BSDS) opened in 2013 to supply the Zimbabwean drilling sector with quality drilling equipment. Together with your Finesse in Botswana, an affiliated company, we are the official agent for some of the big brands in the industry, namely, Mincon, AMC and Boart Longyear. Our business strategy focuses on cost reduction management and after-sales services which have turned out mutually beneficial and is taken in high regard by our customers over the past 5 years.

# Sourcit CC


Sourcit is a leading supplier and manufacturer of rock drilling equipment in Sub Saharan Africa established in 1997. Since inception we have and continue to service the mining, water well, exploration and construction industries with the best quality products and service that is unmatched.

Although specializing in DTH (Down The Hole) drilling equipment where we stock a large volume of DTH hammers and bits from 2” to 12” hammers and button bits from 76mm up to 381mm, with decades of experience within the business Sourcit is able to supply a complete range of soft and hard rock drilling tools and consumables ranging from DTH, RC (Reverse Circulation) Diamond and SPT equipment.

# Warrior Drilling Equipment


Warrior Drilling Equipment is Dedicated to Drilling and Client Services at all times. Our main focus is DTH “Down The Hole” Mining and Water Well Borehole Drilling. We supply all types of drilling equipment from Hammers, Button Bits, Rods, Adapters, Lubricants and Accessories. We also supply Directional Drilling and Top Hammer Equipment.

# Quality Drilling Supplies


Quality Drilling Supplies specializes in big and deep hole drilling. We can give on-site advice and resolve your drilling obstacles. 

Quality Drilling Supplies supply DTH tools in 10 countries around the world.

# South Africa Vuqozl Co.,Ltd.


South Africa Vuqozl Co., Ltd. specializes in water well drill bits, oil well drilling bits, like Tricone Bits (Steel tooth & TCI bit), Tri-cone Bit, Three cone bit, Tricone Drill bit, tungsten carbide inserted bits, Tricone rock bit, Milled tooth bit, Roller Cone Bits, matrix body PDC bits, steel body PDC bit, Reamer bit, drill pipe, drill collars, engineering bits, stabilizers, for water well, oil field, construction and underground foundation work all over the world.


By choosing top manufacturers of drill bits, you can increase your chances of having high-quality drill bits.  You can also find more drill manufacturers in other countries on our official website.


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