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GOOD NEWS – Ranking has exceeded sales plan for the first half of 2021

At the beginning of July, the statistics department had just completed the sales statistics for the year’s first half. Compared with the established plan, it exceeded the schedule by 23%.
During the Covid, Ranking can achieve such results, it is based on the efforts of each employee of Ranking Bit. Also based on our all customers’ support.

7 Parts, let you know why we are selling rock bits so well?

In the past 5 years, our customer reorder rate has increased year after year, about 47%, and we have regular customers in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Philippines, South Africa, Greece, Serbia, and other countries.
If there is a problem or ask for help, contact us. We will help you solve all problems, our team will support you.

About Rock Bit Delivery Process

Ranking company has always been adhering to the customer-first service concept. In order to better solve problems for customers, the timeliness of delivery has been highly praised. Let’s take a look at the delivery process at Ranking Bit today.

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