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What are trenchless hole openers?

Pdc Hole Opener

A hole opener is a fixed diameter borehole enlargement tool that is utilized to expand the wellbore beyond the original hole size drilled by the bits.

Prior to the adoption of trenchless technology, plumbing companies were forced to dig trenches using an excavator and hand digging with shovels. A project could take several days with multiple crewmen. By today’s standards, this would be considered very inefficient.

Drilling Head

The history of trenchless development

In 1971, Martin Cherrington, an American, skillfully combined directional drilling technology with traditional pipe laying technology and invented directional drilling and pipe laying technology, which can replace the traditional excavation construction method, leading to a revolution in “trenchless” technology.

Old Underground Pipes Inspired Pipe Bursting In the late 1970s, the United Kingdom was dealing with thousands of old, damaged cast iron pipes that needed to be replaced. In response to this problem, an engineering company came up with the concept of pipe bursting – the process of breaking up the old pipe and replacing it with a new one in the same space.

Microtunneling and Other Trenchless Innovations

Initially used to install gravity sewer lines, microtunneling was developed in the early 1970s in Japan. It’s a trenchless method primarily used to install underground lines in areas where there’s unstable soil.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Britain further developed a lot of trenchless engineering technology for the repair and replacement of sewage pipes, water pipes and gas pipes In 1988, the development and utilization of the ground wireless tracking navigation monitoring system greatly improved the quality of the guide pipe laying, marking that the world “trenchless” technology has entered a new stage.

Trenchless Advantages

No-dig sewer replacement has become more well-known in recent years thanks to benefits, such as environmental friendliness, cost savings, and minimal disturbance to surroundings.

  1. Saves Time – More Convenient. Sewer line repair using the traditional digging method takes substantially longer than it does with the innovative trenchless technology
  2. Saves Money.
  3. Less Intrusive than Traditional Sewer Line Repair.
  4. An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to the Traditional Repair Method.

The type of trenchless hole opener:

  1. TCI hole openers

Features & Benefits:

Hole opener are used to enlarge the diameter of a pre-drilled hole. They are custom built to specification, and come in a wide variety of sizes. A Hole Opener is sometimes referred to as a Reamer.

  1. It can adapt to more different hardness of the formation,from soft to hard.
  2. The size is more flexible and customized.
  3. The cost is lower than that of PDC reamer

Roller cone hole opener: center pole, roller cones,thread, stabilizer.

2. PDC hole openers

Features & Benefits:

1.For shale, sandstone, limestone and a variety of soft, medium & hard rock

2.No moving parts – unlike roller-cone reamers you’ll never have to worry about losing a cone in the hole.

3.Fastest penetration rate of all reamer technology

4.Long life in the hole – PDC reamers provide you with long life in hard rock drilling conditions. 5. State-of-the-art diamond cutter technology.

PDC reamer: center pole, thread, PDC cutters, PDC blades. Steel body, matrix body.

3. NINE Advantage of Hole Openers:

1.Newest TCI tricone bit& PDC cutters

2.API standard.

3.A large stock

4.High temperature and wear resistance, fast drilling rate

5.high penetrating power and durability stuiable for different rock formation, reliable bearing system

6.All sizes and IADC codes of drill bits are available.

7.Best prices and good quality

8.Excenllent service

9.About 13 years experience in drilling tools. 10.Special requirements of different models can be customized.


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