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Tricone Drill Bits

Why do we drill?

Water is very important to our human life,  we need water in all aspects of food, clothing, housing, and use, if there is no water, our life will be a mess, water is indispensable for us. In ancient times, people’s life was very hard. Most of the ways they got water were directly from lakes or rivers, and some of them got water from mountain springs, but these were always inconvenient. Because sometimes you live far away from home. I t was not good for getting water, so people thought of digging a well on the ground to get water. The first drilling tools were very simple and crude.

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History of tricone bits

In 1909, Howard R.Hughes, an American, obtained the first patent of the roller cone bit. At that time, the rotary drill used a scraper bit, which could only hit the very soft ground. The hard ground could not be scraped, so it could only use a rotary drill.Not so good.

In 1925, Liangyalun bit with interlocking and meshing teeth appeared, which could “floss” each other to remove the mud and rock debris between the teeth and prevent you from being reported. This bit had the ability to penetrate the hard and soft interlayers to a certain extent, and could drill longer sections without changing the bit, but the contradiction of low bearing life appeared.

In 1933, tricone bit also appeared on the market with prominent advantages and relatively extended life. With the subsequent development, different types and sizes of bits appeared, and the materials and heat treatment process of the cone bit also had a lot of improvement.Thus appeared the era of the development of information.

What are tricone bits?

A tool having three cones whose rolling drives the cutters on i t for impact, pressing, and sliding shearing to mill and cut rock.

Tricone Bit Drawing 1
Tricone drill Bit Drawing
17 1 2 Inch Iadc637 1
17 1 2 Inch Iadc637
Application of tricone drilli bit

Mainly used in well drilling, underground engineering, construction engineering, oil, natural gas, mining, trenchless underground network management engineering and foundation pile engineering.

We recommend the appropriate bit type for your local formation.


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