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How to save costs for customers in transportation solutions

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With the impact of the Covid-19 in the past two years, not only the cost of raw materials for products has been rising, but the ocean and air freight rates have also been rising.

For example, the sea freight from Tianjin Port in China to Missouri in the United States, from 90 US dollars per ton in 2019 years plus additional costs to 150 US dollars plus additional costs in 2020 years to 280 US dollars plus additional costs at the beginning of this year, until now 410 US dollars plus another cost of. This is not only the trouble for customers but also the same for us. We can feel the customers’ concerns about increasing the cost of freight.

How to avoid more loss on shipping costs?

1) We have stable and safe freight forwarders who have cooperated for many years. Provided is definitely the best transportation solution in the entire market.

2) During a period when the freight is stable and does not increase, we will update the quotation to the customer in time. We recommend that the customer organize the recent purchase plan during this stage and place an order as soon as possible. Seize the best opportunity for shipping

3) If there are other goods shipped together, you can get some discounts from shipping companies or airlines.

4) For transportation to more conventional and large ports, shipping and air transportation costs will be relatively lower.

n the future, Ranking bit will still work with our customers to confront difficulties and resolve them, and continue to provide our customers with good transportation solutions and high-quality products, saving costs for customers and expanding profits. If you want to know more product information, please consult us.


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